Poshmaxim English Academy

Speak English Correctly

Please note: The first sentence is incorrect and the second is correct.

Wrong : He is great lier.
Right : He is big lier.

Wrong : She is my oldest sister.
Right : She is my elder sister.

Wrong : She looked differently.
Right : She looked different.

Wrong : Bobby is in time always.
Right : Bobby is always in time.

Wrong : You may consider it a great luck.
Right : You may consider it a good luck.

Wrong : She shall walk fast.
Right : She will walk fast.

Wrong : I will go there.
Right : I shall go there.

Wrong : I am born in India.
Right : I was born in India.

Wrong : Tomorrow will be Monday.
Right : Tomorrow is Monday.

Wrong : I am hearing a song.
Right : I hear a song. / I am listening to a song.

Wrong : We can see him to speak.
Right : We can see him speak.

Wrong : I hope she must come.
Right : I hope she will come.

Wrong : He told that he was ill.
Right : He said that he was ill.

Wrong : I find hard to do it.
Right : I find it hard to do..

Wrong : I dislike to see bad pictures.
Right : I dislike seeing bad pictures.

Wrong : See the word in the dictionary.
Right : Look of the word in the dictionary.

Wrong : He is too humble.
Right : He is very humble.

Wrong : She is very weak to walk.
Right : She is too weak to walk.

Wrong : You have enough slept.
Right : You have slept enough.

Wrong : What is the time at your watch?
Right : What is the time by your watch?

Wrong : I cannot agree to you.
Right : I cannot agree with you.