Phrasal verbs

A phrasal verb is a combination of a verb and an adverb or preposition, which together have a particular meaning.
Phrasal verb meaning
Account for: To explain
Ache for: Want something or someone a lot
Act up: Behave badly or strangely
Add on: Include in a calculation
Add up to: Have a certain result
Aim at: To target
Ask for: To provoke a negative reaction
Ask over: Invite
Ask round: Invite someone
Back away: Retreat or go backwards
Back off: Retreat
Bag out: Criticise
Bang about: Move in a place making a lot of noise
Bank on: Count or rely on
Bring in: Earn
Call around: Visit
Call back: Return a phone call
Call forth: Make something happen
Calm down: Stop being angry or emotionally excited
Care for: Like
Carry on: Continue
Come down on: Criticize heavily
Come down with: Fall ill
Come forth: Appear
Come forth with: Provide information
Ease off: Reduce pressure
Ease up: Relax, calm down
Ebb away: Disappear gradually
Edge up: Approach slowly
Egg on: Encourage
Embark upon: Start a project or venture
Faff about: Behave indecisively
Fall about: Laugh a lot
Fasten up: Close, attach
Feel up: Touch sexually, grope
Flick over: Change TV channels quickly
Gag for: Want something a lot
Gang up on: Harass, bully
Get about: Visit many places
Get ahead: Progress
Get ahead of: Move in front of
Hack around: Waste time
Hack off: Annoy
Hand out: Distribute
Hand over: Give
Hang around: Stay in a place
Hang onto: Keep
Hang over: Worry or trouble
Iron out: Remove small problems or irregularities
Issue forth: Come out of a place
Jack around: Make trouble for someone, fail to keep promises
Jack in: Quit, give up
Jam on: Apply or operate something forcefully
Joke around: Be funny, or try to
Jot down: Make a quick note
Jump at: Accept eagerly
Keep around: Keep something near you
Keep at: Continue with something difficult
Keep away: Don't allow someone near something
Keep back: Maintain a safe distance
Keep down: Not vomit
Keep from: Control yourself, refrain
Keep on: Continue
Lap up: Appreciate something
Lark about: Behave in a silly way
Lash into: Criticise someone strongly
Latch on: Understand, often after a long time
Lay into: Criticise angrily
Lay off: Make an employee redundant
Magic away: Make something disappear quickly
Make for: Head in a certain direction
Make it: Arrive or get a result
Max out: Take a credit line to the limit
Measure against: Evaluate or judge by comparison
Naff off: Get lost, go away (used as imperative)
Nag at: Repeatedly criticize someone verbally
Nip off: Go somewhere quickly
Nip out: Go somewhere quickly
Nod off: Fall asleep
Opt for: Choose
Own up: Confess
Pack off: Send someone away
Pack out: Fill a venue
Pass up: Decline a chance
Pay for: Purchase
Pay into: Deposit money
Quieten down: Fall silent
Rack up: Acquire a lot of something
Rain down on: Fall in large numbers
Ratchet up: Increase
Reach out for: Try to achieve something difficult
Reckon on: The minimum expected
Reel out: Unwind
Ride on: Depend on
Ride out: Survive a difficult time
Ring back: Return a phone call
Sail into: Criticize angrily
Sail through: Pass easily, succeed
Salt away: Save money
Scout out: Search for something
Screw up: Do badly or fail
See about: Arrange, consider
Send back: Return something
Tag on: Add an additional point to something written or spoken
Tail away: Become silent or inaudible
Take after: Look like, resemble
Take away: Remove
Talk into: Persuade someone to do something
Talk over: Discuss
Turn in: Go to bed
Turn into: Become
Use up: Finish or consume all of something
Veg out: Relax, do nothing
Wait about: Wait somewhere doing nothing
Wait around: Wait somewhere doing nothing
Wait up: Not go to bed because you are waiting
Wake up: Stop sleeping
Walk on: Continue walking
Walk up: Go to someone
Work on: Improve or develop
Write down: Make notes
Yield to: Surrender
Zip around: Move quickly
Zip by: Pass quickly
Zip up: Keep quiet
Zonk out: Fall asleep
Zoom in: Focus more closely
Zoom off: Go somewhere quickly
Zoom out: Focus less closely