Abbreviation words

An Abbreviation means a shortened form of a word or phrase.
Abbreviation English
A.M Ante Meridiem
A/c Account
AC Air Conditioner
Approx. Approximately
Ave. Avenue
BA Bachelor of Arts
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
BC Before Christ
C/o Care of
CCTV Closed-circuit Television
CBSE Central Board of Secondary Education
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CID Criminal Investigation Department
CNN Cable News Network
CV Curriculum vitae
DIY Do-it-yourself
E.g. Exempli gratia
Etc. Et cetera
FAQ Frequently Asked Question
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GPS Global Positioning System
Hr Hour
I.e. id est (latin)
Ltd. Limited
MA Master of Arts
Mph Miles per hour
Mr Mister
Mrs Mistress
Ms Miss
NBC National Broadcasting Company
No. Number
Org Organisation
PA Personal Assistant
P.M. Post meridiem
RAF Royal Air Force
SMS Short Message Service
Sq. Square
St Street
tbs/tbsp Tablespoon
Yd Yard