Poshmaxim English Academy

Formal English

You tend to find formal language in academic journals or official documents and notices where it brings an extra degree of seriousness to the subject. As a general rule, it isn't appropriate for everyday situations.

Words with meanings

Allusion - a statement that refers to something in an indirect way
Assiduous - hard-working and thorough
Commence - to begin, or to begin something
Commendable - deserving praise or admiration
Compute - to calculate a number or amount
Consider - to look at someone or something in a particular way
Diligent - someone who is diligent works very hard and very carefully
Disburse - to pay out money from a fund
Efface - to make something disappear
Eminence - an important respected person
Emollient - intended to make you calmer or less angry
Equanimity - a calm mental state when you deal with a difficult situation
Examine - to give students an examination to test their knowledge
Exigent - needing immediate help or action
Explode - to make a sudden loud noise
Extrajudicial - not within the usual powers of the law
Furthermore - used before a statement that is connected to what you have just said and adds something to it
Hail - to shout to someone as a way of attracting their attention
Imperative - extremely important and urgent
Industrious - always working very hard
Intent - the intention to do something
Jocular - humorous
Maladroit - not skilful or sensitive
Maw - a mouth
Mellifluous - pleasant to listen to
Melodious - beautiful to listen to
Moreover - used for introducing an additional and important fact that supports or emphasizes what you have just said
Omnipotent - powerful enough to do everything
Overweening - used for describing a bad quality that someone has which makes them very unpleasant
Parlous - full of dangers or difficulties
Pleasing - pleasant and enjoyable
Praiseworthy - deserving praise or admiration
Release - to allow someone not to have to do something
Retain - to keep someone or something
Rouse - to wake someone up
Sanguine - confident and hopeful about what might happen, especially in a difficult situation
Sedulous - showing continued hard work, effort, and determination
Splendid - very impressive, or very good
Upstanding - honest and deserving respect
Vintner - someone whose job is to sell wine
Void - an extremely large empty space