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Write English correctly

Arrive vs. Reach

Arrive: To get to the place you are going to.
Ex:- You arrived at the party at around 8 o’clock.

Reach: To arrive somewhere especially after a long journey.
Ex:- When I finally reached the station, I was very tired.

Baby Vs. Infant

Baby: A very young child who has not yet learned to speak or walk.
Ex:- He sat next to a woman holding a baby.

Infant (formal): A baby or a very young child.
Ex:- The disease is mainly found in infants.

Aisle Vs. Isle

Aisle: A passage between rows of seats.
Ex:- The musical had the audience dancing in the aisles.

Isle: An island.
Ex-: The British Isles.

Balmy Vs. Barmy

Balmy: Pleasantly warm.
Ex- : Balmy weather.

Barmy: Foolish, crazy.
Ex-: This is a barmy decision.

Canvas Vs. Canvass

Canvas: A type of strong cloth.
Ex- : The painting is oil on canvas.

Canvass: To seek people’s votes.
Ex-: In each ward, two workers canvassed some 2,000 voters.

Discreet Vs. Discrete

Discreet: Careful not to attract attention.
Ex- : The family made discreet enquiries about his background.

Discrete: Separate and distinct.
Ex-: These small companies now have their own discrete identity.

Dual Vs. Duel

Dual: Having two parts.
Ex- : Their dual role at work and home.

Duel: A fight or contest between two people.
Ex-: Shall we duel over this?